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Gift Ideas For Her


This is the most vexing question for any person who is trying to search gift for women. You will find tons of online stores & market places which t the end of the day increases the dilemma a notch.

At PLOR we offer you a plethora of cute gift ideas for her. This is the absolute 100% guarantee we take that your girl will get a big smile on her face whilst receiving the present that you bring for her. Be it valentine’s day gift for girlfriend, gift for girlfriend anniversary or any other special occasion. 

You may take your time out and scroll through the heaps of cute gift ideas for her.

1. Scrunchies

cute gift ideas for her

Scrunchie is a hair accessory which is used to tie hairs in place. The scrunchie may look like a very simple and aesthetic product but there are tremendous benefits of scrunchies. It not only looks aesthetically pleasing, elite & luxurious but also improves your hair health which we will talk more about.

The majority mistake scrunchies with only being a fashionable accessory but it is rather more than that and there is a plethora of benefits of scrunchies:

-Gives volume to your bun

-90% less hair fall

-Promotes healthy hair as of vegan fabric and smoothness

-Keep your hair's moisture locked

-Prevents denting

-Prevents headaches caused by cheap elastics

-In an incredible fashion/trend

-Super easy to wash

-Super light almost weightless

-Keep your hair moisturized and healthy

-Easily regains shape even after harsh usage

-Longer lasting hairstyle to help you rock any look

-Perfect for day & even a good night's sleep

-In an incredible fashion/trend

 To know more about scrunchies read this 

2.  Bandana

Bandana is also one of the cute gift ideas for her. It is a hair accessory which has awesome benefit of its own. Be it protecting the hairs from the scorching heat of the sun or rocking the outfit.

These head bandana for ladies offered at PLOR stands very different to many of the bandana online store. This bandana has an elastic attached to it which saves a ton of time which goes away whilst trying to tie them.

best gifts for girlfriend

 3. Hair Clips/Barrette Clips

These barrette hair clips mark a difference of their own. The Pinterest inspired trendy hair clips are not only aesthetic but insanely durable.

gifts for girlfriend birthday


4. Jewellery

Well, who doesn’t love the jewellery? A good jewellery can make the whole difference & can make or break the fashion game. At PLOR we offer you stain proof, anti-tarnish, corrosion resistant & waterproof jewellery. Coming in at beautiful variations these items are the go-to when it comes to elevating the fashion game.

cute gift ideas for her


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