What is Partial COD? Is my money safe?

1. Introduction:
- Due to a surge in orders, we've introduced a partial Cash on Delivery (COD) system to simplify payments.

We at PLOR® pay the utmost attention to detail and take pride in our work. As a small team, we are dedicated to ensuring that your orders are processed with timely care and precision. We kindly request a small pledge in the form of 100 from our customers not to cancel orders upon COD delivery, as each order is important and could have been sent to someone else in need. We appreciate your understanding and support.

2. What is Partial COD?:
- Customers pay a small amount, ₹100, during checkout.
- The remaining amount is paid upon delivery of the order.

3. Safety of Your Order/Money:
- Your order is completely safe with us.
- Payment is completed only after you receive and verify the order.

4. Benefits of Partial COD:
- Convenience: Customers can secure their orders without paying the full amount upfront.
- Efficient Resource Management: Helps us manage resources effectively during busy periods.

This system ensures a smoother shopping experience for you while allowing us to handle the increased demand efficiently.

*Note- The ₹100 is non-refundable if you cancel the order once fulfilled (once you receive the tracking link)


Thanks & Regards

Team Plor