What are Scrunchies Used For?

What are Scrunchies Used For?

What is a Scrunchie?

The history of scrunchies date backs to 1987 when it was licensed by Rommy Revson. The need and necessity of scrunchies arose when it was noticed that the traditional metal fasteners & rubber bands used for tying hairs caused more harm to the hairs than good in the 1980s.

They not only caused hair breakage but also caused headaches due to the hair being tied very tight.

Revson named the product after her pet toy poodle and named it Scunci. The scrunchies regained its popularity in the late 2000’s yet again and earned a place in the hearts of many fashion lovers yet again with over 500+ designs of scrunchies all over the world.


Benefits of a scrunhie

What Are Scrunchies Used For?

Scrunchie is a hair accessory which is used to tie hairs in place. The scrunchie may look like a very simple and aesthetic product but there are tremendous benefits of scrunchies. It not only looks aesthetically pleasing, elite & luxurious but also improves your hair health which extracts many benefits of scrunchies and we will talk more about the benefits of scrunchies later in the article.


what are scrunchies used for

Benefits of Scrunchies

Many people face problems related to hairs and hair care is one of the most important routines when it comes to being the best version of yourself.

The majority mistake scrunchies with only being a fashionable accessory but it is rather more than that and there is a plethora of benefits of scrunchies:

-Gives volume to your bun

-90% less hair fall

-Promotes healthy hair as of vegan fabric and smoothness

-Keep your hair's moisture locked

-Prevents denting

-Prevents headaches caused by cheap elastics

-In an incredible fashion/trend

-Super easy to wash

-Super light almost weightless

-Keep your hair moisturized and healthy

-Easily regains shape even after harsh usage

-Longer lasting hairstyle to help you rock any look

-Perfect for day & even a good night's sleep

-In an incredible fashion/trend


What is a Good Scrunchie?

There are many scrunchies being offered in the market both online and offline with rates varying from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars for a single piece of scrunchie. But, are the high-end rates worth the money?

The simple answer to this intriguing question is a YES! Scrunchies may seem a very simple product but could prove to be a life saver when it comes to the points that we covered above in the benefits of scrunchies and what are scrunchies used for.

Snippets- Some examples of a good scrunchie which have proven to be the ones most loved by the customers are the elite satin collection, the georgette collection & the printed scrunchie collection


Benefits of a scrunchie

Better the quality of a scrunchie, more will your hair become healthy and you are solely responsible from saving your hairs off the cruelty cheap rubber bands or clips cause to them.

There were many problems that were faced by the people having hair fall issues and we at PlorTM went in for an 8-month survey on what products could save them from their miseries and came up with the idea of extraordinary and luxurious handmade scrunchies not only to please your eyes but as a sense of resort for your beautiful hairs which are getting destroyed because of cheap hair accessories.

In no time PlorTM witnessed tremendous sale for the handmade scrunchies, where each and every scrunchie is stitched from scratch and handled with the love and care as if every scrunchie has life of its own. The fabric we use is vegan fabric, which means no animal or insect was harmed whatsoever whilst producing the scrunchies.

We hope after what you read you become a scrunchie lover and would keep them close to your heart and hairs for rest of your life 😊


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