why scrunchies are good for your hair

why scrunchies are good for your hair

There are different types of scrunchiesĀ that protect your hair from damage. Find out which one is better for you SATIN OR SILK; WHICH SCRUNCHIE IS BEST FOR YOUR HAIR?

Ā Multiple studies prove pure silk helps reduce hair fall, prevent frizz, minimize split-ends, reduce friction & tugging and support healthy hair growth with natural protein sericin. 89% of the people who switch to silk hair & sleep products have healthier hair & significantly reduced hair fall with long-term use

From the past few yearsā€™ trends, people are loving the natural properties of mulberry silk fabric.

The reason people are switching toward mulberry silk fabric thatā€™s because this help in reducing the friction against skin and hair. This also helps in keeping the hair and skin hydrated.

Now you might be wondering why people are switching from the traditional hair tie to silk hair ties so rapidly and also wearing it day and night, well there are some benefits for silk scrunchies below

Ā scrunchies prevent hair damage.

Ā Mulberry silk has a super soft and gentle texture, which reduces friction against your hair. This means that using a mulberry silk scrunchie helps to prevent tangles in your hair compared to using traditional cotton hair ties, which tend toĀ pull and tug on your hair,Ā causingĀ hair breakage and split ends over time

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They minimize tangles and frizz for curls hair.

Most of the people let their hair roam freely at night thatā€™s because it was bad to sleep with your hair tied up. This can be prevented by the silk mulberry. It helps hair to stop from becoming a tangled mess and help in preserving curls from tossing and turning at night. Silk scrunchies keep hair hydrated and minimize the friction better than regular hair ties cannot.

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They look classy and gorgeous also support luxurious fashion.

Silk is an expensive material because it is a labor-intensive process that requires significant andĀ costly resources. Silk production also requires farming and harvesting from silk worms, making them not vegan. That's where satin comes in, which is a vegan and cost effective alternative to silk.Ā There are numerous types of satin such as satin charmeuse, bridal satin, stretch satin, etc.Ā Another reason I never felt the need to try out silk is because of the limited color selection and gaudy patterns, at least from what I've seen in stores.Ā 

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Prevents hair breakage & looks fluffy

Regular elastic hair ties are rough on hair and cause snagging, leading to hair breakage, while our pure silk scrunchies are gentle on the hair. They do not cause any friction and thus, prevents hair breakage and damage. They glide over hair easily without creating any static energy and keeps the hair smooth and split-ends free.

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Gift to your love once ā€“

Ā This cuteĀ scrunchy combo pack is the best gift for yourself or as Birthday / Diwali / Raksha Bandhan / Christmas / Valentine's Day gifts for sister, Girlfriend, Mom, Daughter, ladies, teens, Best Friend, BFF. Beautiful, elegant, rich looking and usable for everyday wear as well as special occasions.

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