5 Benefits of Using Scrunchies

5 Benefits of Using Scrunchies

I was one amongst the crowd who used to doubt the authenticity & benefits of using scrunchies & always thought there might be some disadvantages of scrunchies. But once I took that risk & purchased good quality scrunchies & it really changed my hair game. Ever since I never looked back & was so damn inspired by the product that I thought of launching my own 😊

 There is always this skepticism around the usage of scrunchies: are there any benefits of scrunchies? And, to be precise most questions revolve around the doubt about the benefits of using scrunchies as a hair accessory in your day-to-day life.

Well to answer your burning question one should primarily know about the history of scrunchies & what are scrunchies basically used for. You may read our other articles to get to know more about scrunchies in detail, their history, relevance & importance in the hair accessory industry.

Benefits of using scrunchies

Scrunchies have been used since the 80s as an alternative to traditional hair metal fasteners & rubber bands which not only caused excessive hair breakage but also caused the hair line to recede & extreme headaches.

People in those days who were in habit of using the traditional hair tying methods always went all in to make someone count the disadvantages of scrunchies. When after its discovery by Rev Revson & people saw other women getting good results from using scrunchies on their hair they absolutely changed their minds & the scrunchie industry saw a boom in its sales.

Let us look at some facts about scrunchies & why scrunchies are better for your hair.

  1.  Less Hair Fall & Breakage

Yes, this is one of the primary benefits of using scrunchies. Since scrunchies have a wider elastic as compared to a rubber band which increases the surface area of the elastic, hence decreasing the tension, but keeping it as much which can keep the hair intact.

The fabric used on top of the elastic makes it even softer to slide the hair in & out of the scrunchie which in return causes less breakage of hair & damage to the hair density in general.


benefits of using scrunchies
  1. Locks In Moisture

This depends on the fabric being used to stitch a scrunchie. The more breathable the fabric better it keeps the hair. The more moisturized your hairs are the better the quality of your overall hair structure will be. Well, who doesn’t admire shiny & lustrous hairs?

We will try to answer this question of which material scrunchies are good for hair in some other informative article of ours


advantages of scrunchies


  1. Avoids Hair Tangles

One of the most important advantages of using scrunchies is that it avoids your hair getting tangled which in turn causes hair breakage & hair loss. This is a major disadvantage faced when one opts for the traditional rubber band or a hair clamp.

Scrunchies, because of their soft & fluffy fabric keep your hair in place without getting all tangled up in one another. This is one of the most important facts about scrunchies which people tend to overlook or try to neglect in its entirety.

benefits of using scrunchies
  1. Volumizes Your Bun

Well, if you are going in for the bun hairstyle then you will understand why scrunchies are better than most of the hair accessories out there in the market.

Try this for yourself, take a rubber band or any traditional hair accessory equipment other than a scrunchie & try making a bun. Now, click a photo of yours & save it to make comparisons.

Now, take a scrunchie & repeat the same process of tying a bun. Compare both images. What difference can you spot? Well, firstly you will see a huge bun difference. Scrunchies being made up of soft fabric & a large flat elastic gives extra volume to your bun without pulling your hairs with force whereas the rubber band clumps your hair together making it look thinner & also causing a headache.

This experiment will surely open the eyes of peeps who think there are various disadvantages of scrunchies.


why scrunchies are better


  1. Washable & Long Lasting

Rubber bands break, hair clips catch rust whereas our good old friend scrunchie can be refreshed as many times as possible.

Most people shy away from purchasing scrunchies since they think they are very expensive & are not worth it, or they can purchase many rubber bands or hair clamps at the same price to that as a scrunchie.

But can you get all the above benefits mentioned above plus the washing factor of a scrunchie? Yes, you heard it right! Scrunchies can be washed as many times as you want & still return to their original fluff, size & aesthetic characteristics. A good quality scrunchie can last months if not years without losing its elasticity & stays the same even after multiple washes.


facts about scrunchies

These benefits of scrunchies make them a primary contender when it comes to rocking your hairstyle or even getting your hair health in check. Do not get misled or fooled by the prices of a scrunchie, the more expensive the scrunchie, the better its quality & healthier your hair.

If you are looking for which material scrunchies are good for hair then you may head out to our store & get yourself some handmade premium quality scrunchies now. If you make up your mind to purchase even one scrunchie from my store & see real-time results after using them do let me know in the review section about your journey with our scrunchies. Hopefully, after reading this particular piece of article you understand why scrunchies are better

I guarantee you positive results & a very healthy relationship with a scrunchie. So, do not get all vexed about whether to own a scrunchie or not just try it for once & you will never regret purchasing it.

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